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About Bennix

Bennix is Linux based Operating System that is absolutly free to download and use. It was created by Ben P. Dorsi-Todaro, President/CEO of Big Ben's Web Hosting. He created it to better understand the way Operating Systems worked. Ben felt this was necessary knowledge if he wanted to maintain Unix and Windows based Web Servers.


Why Is Bennix Free?
- Bennix is an Open Source Operating System built off of Ubuntu Linux. Bennix be sold, however we feel that Bennix should be availible to who ever wants to use it.
How do you make Money?
- Bennix makes money in several different ways. Such as the advertisements on the Bennix Site, off of donations, and threw our Web Hosting Service and other products and services we sell.
Why the name Bennix?
- The creator of Bennix is named Ben Dorsi-Todaro, since Bennix is built using the Linux Kernel made by Linus Travolds he felt the name should be Bennix to honor both his own work and the Linux name.
What can Bennix do?
- Bennix can be used as your primary computer needs. If you wanted to Bennix you could replace your existing Operating System and only use Bennix.
What type of computer does Bennix need to run on?
- Most modern PC's will be able to run Bennix. It has breafly been tested on Intel Based Apple computers, and works with the exception of drivers. Bennix was built for Intel and AMD based CPU's so it will not work on older G series Macs.